KING IN THE NORTH! (burning_pile) wrote,


001. devil's spoke ; laura marling

all of this can be broken / all of this can be broken / hold your devil by his spoke and spin him to the ground

002. the villain ; austra

you say ‘i'm not afraid, but i linger’ / the pleasure's still the same, she gets sicker

003. everlasting light ; the black keys

i'm a shepherd for you / and i'll guide you through

004. mouthful of diamonds ; phantogram

the world is not around because of you / you know i'm not around because of you

005.valium knights ; spinnerette

i'll take it all, give me more / i will be your hero and your whore

006. bed of nails ; wild beasts

surround me like a warm bath / sum me up like an epitaph

007. midnight land ; empires

i’ve been cold / so i go throw my flesh to your coals

008. future starts slow ; the kills

if there's a time when your feeling’s gone / i wanna feel it

009. spit it out ; iamx

if you like it violent / we can play rough and tumble / fall into bed / and i won't breathe so you can recover

010. truth ; alexander ebert

i've grown up some different kind of fighter / and when the darkness come, let it inside you

011. alsation ; white rose movement

and the wind cuts your face / cause you wanna believe that out there something is real / the elixir of life / he licks down a knife

bonus. judas ; lady gaga

i'll bring him down / i'll bring him down, down

Tags: character: ruby, character: sam winchester, fandom: supernatural, fanmix, pairing: sam/ruby
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