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i. rabbit heart (raise it up) [the lionheart remix]
florence + the machine
i must become a lionhearted girl / ready for a fight / this is a gift, it comes with a price / who is the lamb and who is the knife / when midas is king and he holds me so tight / and turns me to gold in the sunlight

ii. sweet dreams (are made of this)
emily browning
everybody’s looking for something / some of them want to use you / some of them want to get used by you / some of them want to abuse you / some of them want to be abused

iii. darken her horse
ride her darken horse / her tempers lie untold / a monster for a friend / a liar to depend / i noticed it's there, i noticed / hold her by the reins / the moon isn't far / hold her by the reins / it's worth it to stay / nothing stable, nothing patient here

iv. dissolved girl
massive attack
shame / such a shame / i think i kind of lost myself again / day / yesterday / i really should be leaving but i stay / cause it feels like i’ve been here before / you are not my saviour / but i still don’t go

v. knock you out
tiesto feat. emily haines
somebody to rough you up / somebody to make it tough / somebody to bait you / somebody to love / but wait / is it still love you want? / baby baby i want to be true / you gotta knock me out some other way / and i want to be with the sun and the moon / i’ve been homeless / i’ve been out on a limb

vi. twist
fight me, try me / kiss me like you like me / twist it round again and again

vii. scab and plaster
marina and the diamonds
i’ve lost, i’ve lost my innocence / i’ve found my self-belief / and in a cup of loneliness i’ve found instant relief / you hold me up, you hold me down / i’m gone, i’m gone to heaven / i’m gone, i’m gone to hell / if nobody could see i’d hold out my hand to be held

viii. machine gun
i saw a saviour / a savior come my way / i thought i’d see it / at the cold light of day / but now i realize / i’m only for me / if only i could see / you turn yourself to me / and recognize the poison in my heart / there is no other place / no one else i face

Tags: character: petyr 'littlefinger' baelish, character: sansa stark, fandom: game of thrones/asoiaf, fanmix, pairing: littlefinger/sansa, sansa stark & her inappropriate ships
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