KING IN THE NORTH! (burning_pile) wrote,

heads will roll

Um, so it was Robespierre's birthday yesterday. And this happened. I can't really decide if it's cracky or not. I also had a ~brainwave for a Trotsky/Lenin fanmix what the actual fuck.


Photobucket Photobucket

radical notion | hans zimmer |

revolution | the beatles |
you say you want a revolution/well, you know/we all want to change the world/you tell me that it's evolution/well, you know/we all want to change the world/but when you talk about destruction/don't you know that you can count me out

us | regina spektor |
they’ll make a statue of us/and put it on a mountaintop/now tourists come and stare at us/blow bubbles with their gum

we're living in a den of thieves/rummaging for answers in the pages/we're living in a den of thieves/and it's contagious

blink and you’ll miss a revolution | cut copy |
have you heard the latest reinvention in the street?/take me on a journey with the rhythm in my feet/takes me to the left and takes me to the right/posing as a saviour if you fall across the night

baby baby can't you see? (oh, take it from me, oh, take it from me)/we're on a path to eternity (oh, take it from me, oh take it from me)

heads will roll | yeah yeah yeahs |
off with your head/dance until you're dead/heads will roll/heads will roll/heads will roll/heads will roll/on the floor

glitter on the wet streets/silver over everything/the river's all wet/you're all cold

fires | band of skulls |
'cause we are fires in the night/we are fires in the night/let us bathe you in our heart/'cause we are fires in the night

viva la vida (telemitry remix) | coldplay |
it was the wicked and wild wind/blew down the doors to let me in/shattered windows and the sound of drums/people couldn't believe what i’d become

revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate/just a puppet on a lonely string/oh, who would ever want to be king?

full steam | david gray & annie lennox |
all our lives we’ve dreamed about it/just to find that it was never real/this sure ain’t no great valhalla/coming closer each turn of the wheel/forlorn, adrift on seas of beige/in this our golden age

now you saw it coming and i saw it coming/we all saw it coming/but we still bought it/now you saw it coming and i saw it coming but we’re still running full steam ahead

Tags: fandom: history, fanmix, french revolution
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