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things that came out of the tumblr three-line-fic au meme

001. {got} ned/catelyn | apple pie life

“I’m sorry, Ned- ” and she is, really, she knows what it is to lose people and she wishes she could hold him now, but he doesn’t cry, because he is a Stark, and the Starks hold their heads high, so she settles for a sympathetic hand on his knee.

Brandon was the one all the girls liked; one of those bright sparkling boys who lit up rooms, but one drunken freshman later and there was broken glass and sirens and he was up in smoke, Lyanna too.

And now it is her and her Ned, feeling for the first time the sorrow held in being the last of a large family.

002. {got}  jon/robb | 21st century

“I’m sorry, Jon.” Robb looks sincere, but it doesn’t make the sentiment sting any less. “I’d give up the inheritance if I could, but Father…”

Robb will inherit Stark Industries; that’s the way it’s meant to be. Other men flaunt their mistresses and children like a second currency, but Ned Stark prefers to sweep the mistakes of his youth under the carpet.

“It’s alright. I’ll go join the army, like Uncle Ben.” Jon doesn’t want his brother’s pity, no matter how good his intentions. “I’ll be alright.”

Jon wonders if he’ll ever come back to the mansion at Winterfell; if he’ll die in Afghanistan, or if he’ll just make a new life somewhere else.

But now, he thinks as Robb leans in, now I will settle for this.

003. {thg} katniss/gale | high school au

They walked home together from school every day, since they were kids. They made the walks take hours, running through the trees and streams, cops and robbers and cowboys and indians. For a little while, they were the hunters. They held the cards.

(Dads are gone, moms might as well be, so they roam away from home and bide their time.)

And then that happens, rushing sound and blood and blood and blood, and that golden boy with the silver tongue crashes into their lives, and Gale watches her back fade into the distance and knows she was always the hunted.
Tags: angst 's us, character: catelyn stark, character: jon snow, character: katniss everdeen, character: ned stark, character: robb stark, drabbles, fandom: game of thrones/asoiaf, fandom: the hunger games, fic, meme, pairing: catelyn/ned, pairing: gale/katniss, pairing: robb/jon
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